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Local Rules

We are pleased to announce that the Longshore Golf Course local rules and course markings have been updated for the 2021 season.  The changes were designed to make the rules and markings easier to understand and implement when playing a round of golf.
The most significant changes are:
1.  The 1st hole no longer has Out of Bounds on the right side.
2.  The 2nd hole has a red penalty area up the left side. 
3.  The Waste Area on the left of holes 12, 13, and 14 is a red penalty area.
4.  The service road which can be found on holes 10, 14, 15, and 17 is in bounds except for the section in the Maintenance facility (All entrance and exit road are still Out of Bounds).

Course Markings and Local Rules

Out of Bounds: Identified or defined by exit/entrance roadways, parking lots, boundary fences and walls, white stakes and/or lines on all holes.  Interior Out of Bounds only on holes 15, 16 and 18 plus the Maintenance Facility.  Service road in bounds on Holes: 10, 14, 15, and 17.

Penalty Areas: Identified or defined by red stakes and/or lines on the following holes: 2, 3, 6, 12, 13 & 17.

Obstructions: Stone blocks on the “green side” of the cart path on Hole #2, boulders along road on Holes 10 through 12, screen on 10, and boulders behind 16 green are Obstructions.  Fence to on left side of 18th hole by exit road is an Obstruction.

Integral Parts of the Course: Stone walls and flower beds (except bed to left of 9th green which has free relief) are considered integral parts of the course. No free relief. Player may play the ball as it lies. 

ADDITIONAL NOTES:   Any ball on or over the course’s main entrance and exit roads is Out of Bounds even if it comes to rest beyond the road on another part of the golf course.  Out of Bounds behind the 17th green is marked by white stakes that tie into the main entrance and exit roads.

Closely Clustered Immovable Obstructions: Where permanent fixtures (such as electrical boxes, sprinkler control boxes, weather stations, etc.) and/or temporary immovable obstructions (such as tents, signage) are closely clustered together all obstructions are deemed to be one obstruction. 

Longshore Hole by Hole Course Marking Details:

Hole #1 - Road is Out of Bounds on left.  No internal Out of Bounds on right side of 1st hole (white stakes mark 18th hole only). 

Hole #2 – Left perimeter of hole is penalty area, extending behind the green.  Exterior property fence marks the Out of Bounds behind the green.  Stone blocks on right are considered Obstructions.  Fan to the right of the green is considered an Obstruction.

Hole #3 – Out of Bounds on left side of hole.

Hole #4 – Out of Bounds on left side of hole.  The wall behind green is the Out of Bounds marker.

Hole #5 - Road on left is Out of Bounds.

Hole #6 - Road on left is Out of Bounds.  Pond on right by the green is a penalty area.  Stream and beds on left side of hole near the green are integral parts of the course – no free relief.

Hole #7 - Road on left is Out of Bounds.

Hole #8 – Road on left is Out of Bounds.  The wall is the Out of Bounds marker.

Hole #9 – Maintenance facility behind the green is Out of Bounds.  It is surrounded by white stakes and does include a portion of the Service Road which traverses the facility.  The garden area to the left of the green has free relief no penalty, no nearer to the hole.  

Hole #10 – Screen protecting 12th tee is an Obstruction.  Road on left by green is out of bounds.  Boulders bordering road near green are Obstructions.

Hole #11 – Road on the right is Out of Bounds.  Boulders on right are Obstructions. 

Hole #12 – Road on the right is Out of Bounds.  Waste area on left of hole is penalty area.  Boulders on right are Obstructions.

Hole #13 – Road on right is Out of Bounds.  Stakes near park exit separate the Exit Road (out of bounds) from the Service Road (in bounds).  Pond is red penalty area with drop zone.  Waste area on left is Penalty Area.   

Hole #14 – Waste area on left across the Service Road is Penalty Area.  Service Road is in bounds.

Hole #15 – Maintenance facility is Out of Bounds.  Residential yard to right of green is Out of Bounds.  

Hole #16 – Residential yard on right side of hole is Out of Bounds.  Behind the green, parking lot is Out of Bounds and boulders are Obstructions.

Hole #17 – Water hazards in front of tee and on the left side of fairway are penalty areas, including the stone wall.  Entrance road to left of hole is Out of Bounds.  Behind the green, Service Road is in bounds and the Entrance Road is out of bounds.  

Hole #18 – Entrance/exit roads on left side of hole and behind green are Out of Bounds.  Interior Out of Bounds begins at the end of the fence by the 18th tee, goes down the tree line to the pine to the right of the 18th green, and finishes at the pole across the 1st fairway.  The small cart area inside the white line by the first tee is in bounds.  Wood Fence to left of 18th hole bordering the exit road is an Obstruction.

We hope the changes enhance your enjoyment of our terrific golf course.
Jon Janik, Head Golf Professional

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