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Longshore looks to recover from a stressful summer

Welcome Longshore Golfers

Greens Aeration is complete! Everything went smoothly as planned, except a minor delay caused by the humid overcast weather on Wednesday. We are very sorry for any inconveniences we have caused during your round these last few days. We know the pain and frustration of the bumpy post aeration greens. However, It is very important to keep engaging in these practices to maintain the health of the greens. The sand will continue to dissipate as we continue extra irrigation cycles. It is very important to keep the surface moist to expedite the recovery of the aeration holes. There will be a few occasions where some greens need to be watered with the sprinkler system during the afternoon hours the week following Greens Aeration.

The recovery of the golf course is going very well. We have been very fortunate to have such great weather in September and into October. The Ryegrass seed germination is doing great on fairways 1 and 18. We ask that everyone please follow the signage and obey the ropes and stakes as they are placed in sensitive areas. 

Fairway Aeration will begin on Monday (10/18). We will be starting on Hole 3. We will be going in order a few holes at a time. We will be pulling a core unlike what we did on the greens this fall. Aeration Cores will be left out to dry on fairways and then dragged  with seed. This creates a top-dressing. That thin later of soil reduces organic matter levels by stimulating soil microbial population which is responsible for its decomposition. Additional ropes and signage will be added to fairways we are currently working on to detour traffic to the rough. This well help keep the process as clean as possible and expedite the clean up. As the seed starts to germinate, additional ropes and signs will be added to keep cart traffic off weak and sensitive areas to encourage the growth of new Ryegrass seedlings. Like the greens, additional irrigation cycles will be implemented to expedite the recovery of the turf as well as encourage growth of the new seedlings. 

We would like to remind all of you the importance of raking your bunkers, filling divots, and fixing ball marks. Raking bunkers and filling divots are an important practice that enhances the golf experience for everyone. 

Repairing ball marks on the greens is equally as important as raking bunkers and filling divots. Ball marks will never fully heal if not repaired. Only aeration can repair a ball mark that hasn't been fixed by the player or the maintenance staff. The USGA provides detailed instructions on how to fix a ball mark. The instructions can be found below:


Golfers who treat the course with care are rewarded with better golf conditions. Your golf maintenance staff thanks you in advance for your contribution.

I look forward to seeing all of you on the golf course. Feel free to speak to me anytime about concerns or questions regarding course conditions. 

Brad Brown

Golf Course Superintendent

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