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Where is Spring?

Welcome Longshore Golfers:

A Strange spring it has been......

As we patiently wait for mother nature to bring us spring- like temperatures, we are doing the best we can to encourage any growth we can in sensitive bare areas around the golf course.

Greens- The colder temperatures and lack of soil temperatures reaching adequate growing conditions have extended the recovery of aeration holes by 2-4 weeks. In a normal year (favorable weather), recovery would take no longer than 3 weeks. However, with our soils 10 degrees under growing standard, we are still looking at holes and sand a month after greens aerification. Fertilizer? We have put 2 applications of a small amount of nitrogen through foliar application but with the soil temps cooler than desired most nitrogen will go to waste or hang up in the soil until it gets warm. Adding too much nitrogen ahead of optimum growing conditions makes it harder to manage what nitrogen is in the soil bank. This in the long run can create more problems with excessive growth and even too much nitrogen adding to increased disease pressure when warmer weather does finally arrive. So we just patiently wait and let mother nature do her thing. This is going on everywhere. Not just us.

Fairways- Some seedlings are slowly growing even under colder temperatures. Between the new seedlings and frequent mowing (Encourages Tillering ( new growth) of existing grass and new seedlings to fill remaining areas on fairways from last years stressful season. We are making sure to keep our cutting units as sharp and adjusted as possible to minimize any additional stress factors during this minimal growth period. 

Rough- Most weak areas that are in play here at Longshore have been addressed with soil and seed (Including stumps). The seed that is used for rough areas has a longer germination window and really requires the 60 Degree Soil Temperature to germinate. Once we reach that, stump areas and any areas that have been seeded will have substantial growth and fill in those areas. Same policy will be put in place with the fertilizer. It does not make sense to put any fertilizer for a few more weeks where we are completely in good growing weather to get the most out of our products rather than wasting a majority of application.

Bunkers- We continue to remove liners where exposed and maintain the proper 4" base for best playability. 

Please be patient! The weather will come as it always does.

Please do your part with golf course etiquette and fix your ball mark, rake your bunker and we can optimize the golf experience here at Longshore for everyone. 

Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding the conditions of the golf course at any time.

Stay Safe

Brad Brown and Team

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